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For cavity fillings, Dr. Malki uses only the safest and most durable materials in his New Jersey office. Fillings are made of a composite of white resin material, or porcelain inlays and onlays are created. These new materials are the most compatible with the mouth and as close to natural tooth structure as possible.

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Dr. Malki: The fillings that we use in dentistry have also changed. We're no longer using silver fillings which contain mercury; those were called the amalgum fillings. Now we use composite fillings, which is a resin or white material. In addition to the resin or white material, we use porcelain fillings as well. Our porcelain fillings are called inlays or onlays. Those are also excellent materials, very, very strong, very compatible with the mouth, and as durable as tooth structure. We now have a material that's really as close to natural tooth structure as possible. Announcer: In Bergen County, call Malki Dental at 201-646-0800. Beautiful smiles that last a lifetime.
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