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Dr. Malki stresses the importance of deep clean treatments for selected patients in his New Jersey office. Some patients naturally experience excessive plaque and bacteria build-up under their gums. Deep clean treatments help keep Gingivitis in check to prevent irreversible bone loss.

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Elisa: The patient may need more than just your basic every-6-month hygiene visit. They may need to come in more frequently because the plaque and bacteria tend to build up under the gums and cause a lot of damage. For those people, they need to come in more frequently and have the deeper scalings. If a patient has gingivitis, that's reversible. Gingivitis is just inflammation and bleeding of the gums. That part is reversible. Once it spreads to the bone, the bone loss is not reversible. We can stop it. We can prevent it from progressing and getting any worse. It's a more extensive cleaning; it's just deeper and more extensive. The ultimate benefit is that we want to help people keep their teeth for a lifetime. Announcer: In Bergen County, call Malki Dental at 201-646-0800. Beautiful smiles that last a lifetime.
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