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Dental Implants are a focus in Dr. Malki's New Jersey practice. Dental implants with restorations can significantly change your life and even your overall health. Dr. Malki performs all phases of the process in his office, and passes along the cost savings to you.

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Dr. Malki: Dental implants are a big focus in my practice. I believe very strongly in them. Dental implants can change peoples' lives. No longer do we have to tell patients they have to have dentures and they have to use Fixodent or cream to hold the dentures in place. A dental implant is an artificial root. To that artificial root, once it's healed, we add a post, and then a cap or a crown goes on top of that. That crown replaces or mimics the tooth. Because I was trained in implant surgery, the entire process is completed here in the office. No longer do patients have to go to multiple doctors to have the procedure done. It's all completed under this roof, within this office, all by me. Because it's being done in one office, there's a large cost reduction and savings to the patient. It really changes their lives and it changes their health. Their diet now, they can have a normal diet. They don't have to eat soft foods. Dental implants in my opinion are one of the greatest advances in dentistry today. Announcer: In Bergen county, cal Malki Dental at 201-646-0800. Beautiful smiles that last a lifetime.
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