An Overview of Full Mouth Reconstruction Recovery By Stephen Malki on October 09, 2018

A woman sitting in a dentist’s chair smiling and holding a mirror toward her faceIf you have multiple dental concerns, full mouth reconstruction might be the right treatment for you. This comprehensive approach to care combines restorative dental procedures to address your individual oral health problems.

Dr. Stephen J. Malki offers full mouth reconstruction plans at his New Jersey practice. Read on to learn what you might expect from a full mouth reconstruction recovery.

General Guidelines for a Safe Recovery

Full mouth reconstruction is customized to each patient’s needs. Since no two treatment plans are the same, recovery timelines and processes will vary. In the sections below, we will cover recoveries for specific treatments.

Regardless of which treatment you receive, the below general guidelines will help guide you through a quick and safe recovery:

  • Follow your doctor’s post-treatment instructions exactly
  • Make arrangements to have someone drive you home after your procedure
  • Take medications as directed for the full duration prescribed
  • Slowly add in activities; do not overdo it
  • Move around the house to avoid blood clots and promote healing
  • Take enough time off from work
  • Reduce swelling by applying a cold compress to the treatment area
  • Call your provider right away if you have signs of infection or something does not seem right

Dental Implant Recovery

Placing dental implants involves surgically inserting titanium posts into the jawbone. Since this is an oral surgery, patients will be given post-operative instructions and antibiotics to avoid infection. As noted above, it is important to follow the doctor’s orders for safety reasons.

Dental implant patients will need at least two days off of work. Most patients should plan on taking a few days off from their jobs, especially if multiple implants were placed.

As with any surgery, discomfort and swelling will be most pronounced in the first 48 hours. These side effects will subside and be remarkably better by the end of the week.

The full healing process from dental implant placement coincides with a process called osseointegration. This is when the dental implant post merges with the jawbone, a process that takes four to six months.

Recovery following Filling, Crown, or Bridge Treatment

Fillings, crowns, and bridges have similar healing periods. Fillings and crowns are types of restorations that fortify a tooth that has been damaged. A dental bridge is a more involved therapy that involves placing two crowns.

Following each of these procedures, patients may experience some tenderness due to alterations made to the tooth or teeth. The gum tissue may also be sensitive as it becomes accustomed to the new restorations. These side effects should feel better by the next day.

Discomfort and sensitivity from crown and bridge treatments may take a couple of more days to completely resolve. Side effects can be controlled with over-the-counter pain medications and saltwater rinses.

Recovering from Dentures

Because dentures rest over the gum line and underlying bone structure, it may take a few weeks for these tissues to adjust to your restoration. Standard over-the-counter medications should be enough to manage any discomfort. If this is not the case, it is a sign that the dentures will need to be adjusted.

Find Out What Your Full Mouth Restoration Recovery Might Be

The pain connected to oral health problems is far worse than discomfort following treatment for such oral health problems. Find out how we can guide you through a swift and safe full mouth reconstruction by setting up your appointment online. You can also call us at (201) 646-0800.

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