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Dental Implant Restorations: What Are My Options?

Stephen Malki Nov 27, 2017

Dental implants can support crowns, bridges, and dentures. Dr. Stephen J. Malki will determine the ideal restoration based on a patient's missing teeth and health…

The Average Cost of Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment

Stephen Malki Oct 27, 2017

The cost of a full mouth reconstruction at Malki Dental can vary depending on the restorative dentistry treatments involved. Let's consider the average price and…

Factors that Can Affect Bone Grafting Costs

Stephen Malki Sep 27, 2017

Dr. Stephen J. Malki at Malki Dental discusses the different factors that affect bone grafting cost and how it can improve your health.

Costs of Non-surgical Periodontal Treatment

Stephen Malki Aug 27, 2017

Dr. Stephen J. Malki offers non-surgical periodontal treatment that costs less than surgical treatment and involves fewer risks.

Implant-Supported Dentures: Price and Payment Information

Stephen Malki Jul 27, 2017

The cost of dentures supported by dental implants can vary based on a number of factors. Let's consider the average price and monthly payment options.

How Much Does Root Canal Therapy Cost?

Stephen Malki Jun 27, 2017

The cost of a root canal (endodontic therapy) can vary. Let's discuss the average price, dental insurance coverage, and monthly financing options.

Sinus Lift Costs Depend on Your Unique Needs and Surgical Plan

Stephen Malki May 27, 2017

At Malki Dental, we calculate your sinus lift cost based on the extent of your procedure, grafting material, choice of sedation, and other factors.

Factors Affecting Dental Filling Cost

Stephen Malki Apr 27, 2017

The price of dental fillings varies based on patient needs. Let's take a look at some of the factors that can affect dental filling cost.

What Does it Cost for a Smile Makeover?

Stephen Malki Mar 31, 2017

Dr. Stephen Malki discusses the costs associated with a smile makeover and how this procedure can save patients time and money.

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Stephen Malki Feb 2, 2015

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