Sinus Lift Costs Depend on Your Unique Needs and Surgical Plan By Stephen Malki on May 27, 2017

Sinus Lift CostBefore you can receive dental implants, you may require a sinus lift, especially if tooth loss has caused your jawbone to recede. Because this procedure is separate from implant surgery, it will involve additional costs. However, at Malki Dental, we work hard to keep prices affordable while still providing you with safe, state-of-the-art care.

Because we consistently offer highly personalized restorative dentistry, there is no standard cost for any of our oral surgeries. However, Dr. Malki will explain the various factors that can affect sinus lift cost at our River Edge, NJ, practice. He will also outline the many benefits of this treatment and how it could actually save you money in the future.

What Is a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift is designed to combat bone degeneration and restore your candidacy for dental implants. If you have lost bone tissue on your upper jaw, there may not be enough room for implant posts without damaging your sensitive sinus membrane.

During a sinus lift, Dr. Malki will raise the membrane and build up your jaw using one of several materials. He will place the bone graft through incisions in your gums, then use small screw-like posts to keep it in place. In turn, the new tissues will keep your sinus membrane in its new, lifted position. Once you have healed from this surgery, you can safely undergo implant placement.

Personalized Care Means Varying Sinus Lift Costs

Your surgery will be fully customized to meet your health needs and personal preferences. Accordingly, there are several factors to consider when calculating the cost of treatment.

  • Materials used: The bone graft can be made from several different materials. Dr. Malki could use your own bone, donor bone, an animal bone, or a synthetic material. These various options have different costs, but you should always choose the one that is most suitable for your health needs.
  • Sedation: In addition to topical anesthesia, Dr. Malki can provide one of several types of sedation before your sinus lift. In general, the deeper forms will cost more than more moderate types like nitrous oxide.
  • The extent of your surgery: If your dentist needs to raise a larger portion of your membrane or place a bigger graft, your treatment will cost a bit more.
  • Pre-operative care: X-rays and CT scans are priced separately. Sometimes, Dr. Malki may need to take additional images to plan the most precise procedure possible.
  • Post-operative treatment: If you require additional treatments after your surgery, this will affect your total cost. We are committed to your safety and will do everything necessary to ensure your health and successful care.

A Sinus Lift Can Be an Important Investment in Your Long-term Health

When evaluating the cost of a sinus lift, remember that the treatment can have tremendous and lifelong benefits. Without this preparatory surgery, you might not be able to receive implants safely. Instead, you would need a traditional crown, bridge, or denture. While these standard restorations would repair your smile, they would not be as stable or realistic as dental implants.

Even more importantly, they would not play the same role in protecting your jaw health. By stimulating new tissue growth, dental implants can stop jaw recession. Thus, a sinus lift will lay the groundwork for a functional smile, as well as healthy facial contours.

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