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As a fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, Dr. Stephen J. Malki has demonstrated his commitment to continuing education. In line with his goal to provide state-of-the-art dentistry to each of his patients, Dr. Malki uses the latest dental technology at his New Jersey practice. Through the use of advanced technology, Malki Dental provides a comprehensive, interactive, and convenient patient experience.

If you are interested in learning more about the advanced dental technologies that are offered at Malki Dental, please contact our office today. We proudly serve patients from all Bergen County areas.

Treatment Tools for a Better Dental Experience

Dental Technology New JerseyQuality care is Dr. Malki’s top priority. He strives to deliver the best patient experience by providing a wealth of advanced dental technology that is designed to make office visits faster, more effective, and free of pain or discomfort. Dr. Malki is constantly looking for the latest technologies that he can employ in every part of his practice, from in-depth patient education tools to sophisticated X-ray machines. Below are a few of the latest dental technologies that Dr. Malki has incorporated into his practice.

GURU Patient Education Software

GURU is an educational tool that allows patients to actively participate in their oral care. This technology enables patients to view their X-rays and intraoral images and get a clearer overall picture of the health of their teeth. More than 200 procedure animations and images allow for better illustration of patients’ specific conditions and treatment options. Dr. Malki can even email patients details of their office visits, allowing them to keep their own complete records. Dr. Malki uses this interactive tool to share treatment decisions with his patients.


While traditional X-rays and examinations are only capable of detecting progressed decay, DIAGNOdent® detects cavities at their earliest stages.  This device uses a laser to measure the amount of fluorescence that a particular tooth emits. Decayed tooth structure will register a high fluorescent rate, signaling an issue to Dr. Malki. By aiding in the early detection of cavities, DIAGNOdent® allows for early intervention and increases the chances of effectively saving the tooth. This dental technology is over 90 percent accurate.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are another way to help patients get a better understanding of their specific existing oral health conditions, including tooth and gum decay. With the use of these tiny digital cameras, patients can now see what Dr. Malki sees. The cameras produce clear, detailed photos of the mouth allowing Dr. Malki to identify issues that may not be evident to the naked eye.


Isolite™ is a flexible mouthpiece that significantly improves patient comfort during office visits. This dental technology isolates the tongue, and acts as a suction, removing fluids without the use of a separate device. In addition, this device lights up the mouth, making it easier for Dr. Malki to perform a variety of procedures. Isolite™ safely eliminates discomfort and decreases procedure time.

GALILEOS Comfort 3D Cone Beam Imaging System

GALILEOS X-rays provide Dr. Malki with a comprehensive, three-dimensional image of a patient’s mouth. This advanced dental technology takes a total of 200 shots within just 14 seconds, producing a complete view of the patient’s teeth, roots, and gum lines. This method uses the lowest possible dose of radiation and is more comfortable than traditional X-ray methods.

High-Tech Dentistry

The most up-to-the-minute dental technology, such as laser treatment, is used in Dr. Malki's New Jersey office. Periodontal lasers allow for gum treatment with little discomfort and fast healing. Other technology includes low radiation digital X-rays, an intra-oral camera and a cat scan used for dental implants. 

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DEXIS® Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays are a convenient dental tool that Dr. Malki uses to get a clear picture of a patient’s mouth. Instead of having to be developed, these X-rays are sent electronically to a computer where they can be viewed immediately. The DEXIS® system utilizes a rounded-edge, one-size-fits-all sensor that increases patient comfort. In addition, this digital technology organizes all X-ray images in a full-mouth view, making it easy for Dr. Malki to view all areas of the mouth.  Finally, these X-rays expose the patient to less radiation, making the procedure safer than its predecessors.


CEREC® technology is a revolutionary machine that has transformed Dr. Malki’s method for placing dental restorations. The CEREC® milling machine creates strong, ceramic dental restorations, including crowns and veneers, in less than one hour. This computer-aided technology eliminates the risk of human error at dental labs, and allows patients to receive all the care they need in one convenient office visit.


Detecting oral cancer at its early stages is an important part of receiving adequate treatment. The VELscope is a handheld device that uses a special light to detect abnormalities in the oral tissues. Dr. Malki uses the VELscope to detect changes in the mouth, and prevent the spread of potentially dangerous conditions.

Soft Tissue Lasers

Soft tissue lasers are an effective way to treat oral health issues that relate to the gums. These lasers can be used to perform soft tissue grafts as well as treat conditions like periodontitis. Soft tissue lasers deliver precise results and are less invasive than other procedures. In addition, their high energy beams reduce the risk of bleeding and infection.

Learn More about Our Dental Technology 

Dr. Malki devotes much of his time to learning about the latest dental technologies that will make office visits safe, comfortable, and effective for all of his patients. If you are interested in learning more about the dental technology that Dr. Malki offers, contact his River Edge, New Jersey practice today.

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